Windows Application

Duration: 3 Months

Windows Application Programming

Course description:

The Visual Studio.NET, Development Environment, The Visual Studio.NET Tools, The Windows Forms Designer, Running a Visual Basic Program, The Properties Window Programming Steps, Creating the User Interface Setting the Properties, Writing the Code, Running Visual Basic.NET Applications, Building an Executable File Working with Menus and Dialog Boxes

2 Days

Program Statement, Using Variables to Store Information, Setting Aside Space for Variables, Using Variables in a Program, Using a Variable to Store Input, Using a Variable for Output, Working with Specific Data Types, Constants Working with Visual Basic, Operators, Operator Precedence etc

2 Days

Event-Driven Programming, Using Conditional Expressions, If-Then Decision Structures, Using Logical Operators in Conditional Expressions, Select Case Decision Structures, Using Comparison Operators with a Select Case Structure etc

4 Days

Writing For...Next Loops, Creating Complex For-Next Loops, Writing Do Loops, Avoiding an Endless Loop etc

2 Days

Finding and Correcting Errors, Three Types of Errors, Identifying Logic Errors , Using Break Mode , Tracking Variables by Using a Watch Window , Using the Command Window , Switching to Command Mode in the Command Window

2 Days

Processing Errors Using Try-Catch , When to Use Error Handlers , Path and Disk Drive Errors , Using the Finally Clause to Perform , Cleanup Tasks More Complex, Try Catch Error Handlers, The Err Object, Specifying a Retry Period, Using Nested Try-Catch Blocks, Comparing Error Handlers with Defensive Programming Techniques

2 Days

Working with Standard ModulesCreating a Standard Module, Working with Public Variables , Creating Procedures, Writing Function Procedures, Writing Sub Procedures , Passing Arguments by Value and by Reference

2 Days

Working with Arrays of Variables, Creating an Array , Declaring a Fixed-Size Array , Working with Array Elements , Creating a Dynamic Array , Preserving Array Contents by Using ReDim Preserve , Working with Object Collections, Referencing Objects in a Collection,Writing For Each-Next Loops, Experimenting with Objects in the Controls Collection

2 Days

Planning a Deployment,Different Ways to Deploy an Application, Creating a Deployment Project ,Customizing Your Deployment Options , Building a Deployment Project and Testing Setup

2 Days

Adding New Forms to a Program , How Forms Are Used, Working with Multiple Forms, Positioning Forms on the Windows Desktop, Minimizing, Maximizing, and Restoring Windows, Adding Controls to a Form at Runtime, Organizing Controls on a Form, Specifying the Startup Object, Dialogs Boxes, Object Oriented Programming, Creating and Using Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading, Overriding , Interfaces and Namespaces, Database Programming, Data Sources, Using ADO.Net, Dataset, Data Reader, Data Grids , Reading and Writing Files, XML Documents, Boxing and unBoxing, Methods ,Sub Procedures ,Functions, Working with Windows Forms, Working with Multiple Forms, Using Visual Basic Controls, Handling Mouse Events in Forms, MDI Applications, Debugging VB .NET Applications, User Interface Design Principles, Working various Controls, Working with Menus, Context Menus, Common Dialogs, Date TimePicker, Month Calendar, Splitter, Using the StatusBar, User Interfaces and Deployments, Debugging Applications, Generating Reports using Crystal Report

15 Days

Project work is mandatory after the completion of the training program

10 Days


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