120 Hours Computer Operater Training With An ISO Certficate for Govt. Job

We provide 120 Hours Training in Computer Office Automation. This type of Computer Training is necessary to apply for Govt. and Private Job purpose almost any sector. After getting this Training one can apply for any Govt. Job. Our Centre is An ISO 9001:2008 Certified so our certificate will be fully valid for all Govt. Jobs and other. This course is great if you are looking to find good Government jobs. This course is bare minimum requirement for applying any Govt. Jobs. In this course students will learn about Office Automation and Desktop Publishing which is essential for routine office works.

Course description:

History of Computers, Computer Hardware & Software Operation System

2 Days

Basic Overview of MS- DOS Commands

6 Days

Basic Overview of MS Windows

6 Days

File new, open, save, save as, page setup, print preview, print, exit, edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, find & replace, format, paragraph, font, tabs, change case & practical hindi typing bullets & numbering, inserting file and pictures, tables, mail merge & practical

10 Days

Overview, workbook, worksheet, cell, entering data, renaming etc. formula calculation, simple formula, complex formula & practical, inserting pictures, making graphs, goal seek, data sorting, filter & practical.

12 Days

Basic Operations, making slide, new slide, transition effects, formatting slide, clip art, word art, slide sorter view, slide show, custom animation etc.

5 Days

Introduction, basic concepts, making tables, establishing, relation, making forms, reports, import, export etc.

5 Days

Photo Effects ,Text Effects ,Color, Drawing, Animation, Misc. Recipes

5 Days

English, Hindi,Punjabi Typing

15 Days

Surfing, Browsing, working with mail-id & practical.

4 Days


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