Duration: 2 Months

C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft

Course description:

NET Executables and the CLR, A .NET Testbed for C# Programming, Using Visual Studio 2013, Namespaces, Variables and Expressions, Using C# as a Calculator, Input/Output in C#, .NET Framework Class Library

2 Days

Data Types, Integer Types,Floating Point Types, Decimal Type, Characters and Strings, Boolean Type, Conversions, Nullable Types, Operator Cardinality, Arithmetic Operators , Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators , Assignment Operators, Expressions, Checked and Unchecked, Overview of Types in C#, Value Types, Boxing and Unboxing, Reference Types, Implicitly Typed Variables , If Tests ,Loops, Foreach, More about Control Flow, Switch, Arrays,Strings

5 Days

Objects, Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Object-Oriented Languages, Classes as Structured Data, Methods , Constructors and Initialization, Static Fields and Methods, Constant and Readonly, Methods, Parameter Passing, Method Overloading, Variable-Length Parameter Lists, Properties, Auto-Implemented Properties, Operator Overloading, Single Inheritance, Method Hiding, Virtual Methods and Dynamic Binding, Method Overriding, Fragile Base Class Problem, Polymorphism, • Abstract Classes, Sealed Classes etc.

10 Days

Interfaces, Exception Fundamentals, Structured Exception Handling, Delegates and Events

5 Days

Introduction to IDE, Introduction to Window Forms, Various controls ,Invoking properties, methods & events in window formsCreating Windows Applications Using Visual Studio 2013, Partial Classes ,Buttons, Labels and Textboxes, Handling Events, Listbox Controls, Dialog Boxes, Menus & Toolbar, SDI & MDI application, Creating Components

15 Days

Introduction to ADO.net, Architecture of ADO.net, Accessing data through connection oriented and connectionless approach, Accessing data with datareader Manipulating data using ADO.net, Using data adapters, Using DataSet, Datagridview control & Exception Handling

3 Days

Creating Crystal Reports ,Invoking reports on window forms

5 Days


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