Duration: 2 Months

C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell L

Course description:

The Software Crisis,Design Techniques, Large Software Systems, Roots of Object Technology, What Is Object-Oriented Programming, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming, Why C++, Features of C++, Pros and Cons of C++

2 Days

What Is an Object, What Is a Class, Encapsulation ,Data Hiding, The Public Interface, Relationships Among Classes, Inheritance & Polymorphism

10 Days

Comments,Namespaces, Simple Output, Simple Input, Definitions Near to First Use Function Prototypes, The inline Specifier, const ,Structure Members, The Reference Type, Overloading Function Names, Default Parameters, The Scope Resolution Operator, Aggregates, Operators new and delete, The bool Data Type & The string Data Type

3 Days

Data Types,User Defined Data Types, Using the Class Concept, Defining a Class,5. public and private Access Levels, The Scope Resolution Operator, Using Class Objects Like Built-in Types, Scope, Constructors, Member Initialization Lists, Destructors, Array of Objects, Pointers, The this Pointer, Passing Objects to Functions, Returning Objects From Functions & static Class Members

10 Days

Introduction, Rules for Operator Overloading, Rationale for Operator Overloading , Overloading Member Functions, Overloading Non-Member Functions, friend Functions , The Copy Constructor, The Assignment Operator, Overloading [ ], Overloading Increment and Decrement Operators & const Objects and References

5 Days

Introduction, Public Base Classes, The protected Access Level, Member Initialization Lists, What Isn’t Inherited, Assignments Between Base and Derived Objects, Compile-Time vs. Run-Time Binding, virtual Functions, Polymorphism, virtual Destructors, Pure virtual Functions, Abstract Base Classes, Multiple Inheritance , virtual Base Classes, Multiple Inheritance and Composition etc

5 Days

The iostream Library, Predefined Streams, Overloading operator<<, Overloading operator>>, Manipulators, Stream States, Formatted I/O, Disk Files Reading and Writing Objects

5 Days

Template Functions, Template Classes, Multiple Inheritance, User-Defined Conversions, Data Structures, An Iterator Class and Exceptions , Reading and Writing Objects, Internal Transmission of Data, Handling Streams in Constructors and Destructors, Treating a File as an Array

5 Days


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