CTT(Computer Teacher Training)

Duration: 1 Year

Office Management, Accounting, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Adobe Page Maker, Internet, HTML, Hardware & Networking, Programming in C,C++, Visual Basic etc.

Course description:

Computer Fundamental Computer Organization,Operating System Concepts,Introduction to Internet Browsers,Windows Operating System, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel,Ms-Power Point,Ms-Access

60 Days

Programming in C, C++, Visual Basic

60 Days

Introduction of Financial Accounting, Journal Book, Ledger, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Computerized Tally, VAT, TDS, CST, GST, Service Tax, Payroll, & Inventory.

90 Days

Introduction of DTP, Adobe Photoshop cs6, Adobe Page maker, Coral Draw 12, Typing in Hindi, English, & Punjabi

60 Days

Introduction to HTML5 (What is HTML5, Basic overview,Basic Html Tags, Browser Detection,New elements in HTML5, Canvas elements, Media elements, Form elements, Semantic and structural elements, HTML5 semantic elements, Canvas, Video and audio, Geolocation)

5 Days

Introduction about Computer, Basic networking concepts, Introduction to various networking devices, Network basic and configuration, Introduction to servers and network security

90 Days


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