Duration: 45 Days

Course description:

What is python?, History of python., Environment Setup, Setting up the working environment for python., Working in Console and Python Shell. Introduction to PYcharm, Learning the rules to write a python code. Creating your first Python program.

1 Days

Introduction to variables, Introduction to Data Types, Assigning values to variables, Working with different type of variables, Introduction to operators, Using Arithmetic operators, Working with other operators like Unary, assignment, Logical etc.

2 Days

Introduction to control statements, Working with If, Elif and Nested If, Introduction to loops, Working with While Loop, Using For Loop.

3 Days

Different types of numbers, Working with numbers, Type Conversion, Accessing values in String, Updating String, String operators, Introduction to List, Performing Different operation on list, Introducing Tuples and Dictionary in Python, Working with Tuples and Dictionary, Assigning new values to dictionary, Tick, Time Tuple, Accessing Time and Calendar, Printing a month chart.

4 Days


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