Hardware & Networking

Duration: 3 Months

Introduction about Computer, . Basic networking concepts, Introduction to various networking devices, Inside the PC, Network basic and configuration, Introduction to servers and network security.

Course description:

Basics of computer. Organization of computer. Software and hardware. Input/output devices.

5 Days

Network topological, LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, CAN.Networking Model The OSI model, TCP/ IP Model, Network adapters.Introducing protocols. Cabling and troubleshooting

15 Days

Routers,Switches,Modems,Hubs etc.Wired and Wireless technology.

20 Days

Opening the PC and identification,Study of different blocks,Assembling and disassembling.

20 Days

Setting IP addresses,Sharing files and folders,Network troubleshooting,PING test, ipconfig etc.

15 Days

Types of servers: Files servers,Email Servers,Proxy servers etc. Basics of Internet and Intranet,Types of Internet connections: Dialup, Broadband, Leased Line, Wi-Fi,Wi-Max, 2G, 3G, 4G, WWW, E-mails, Search Engines, Social Networking.Cloud application. Audio-video Conferencing,Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Recovery and backup,Essential security measures.

15 Days


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